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We sell Artificial Turf- we offer wholesale pricing on Artificial Turf.  Call us or stop and see the samples we have. Its a great product and save lots on your water bill.


Why Aren't Golfers Improving?"


Come in a practice time will improve your GAME.  

Heres a comment from Steve Bann,

"We have a problem. Golfers are NOT improving. 
Recent USGA stats show that the average handicap has dropped by less than 0.5 of a stroke in the last ten years. 
This is in spite of all the technological advances, improvements in sports science, vast amount of golf instruction and so on. 
Why is that? 

I recently created a video for you which explains why. "

You can check it out here: 

Stop spending your money on new equipment and invest is a 

short series of Golf Lessons to help you improve.